The Subs Of Victory, Preserved For Posterity

2010 September 2

i love you so muchEver since my first HOES victory, I had been trying to figure out a way to preserve the eggplant sub for posterity.  I looked into taxidermy (no way to preserve the outer layer), bronzing (too expensive/heavy) and acrylic casing (can’t stop the rotting process) without finding a workable solution.  While looking for help I contacted various artists, seeing if they would be interested in helping out.  I talked with the head of UT’s sculpture department, the Blue Genie Art folks, and others.  Everyone said the same thing: preserving it for less than thousands of dollars and lots of hassle is impossible, take a pretty picture instead.  I even went to the font of all knowledge on the Internet, Craigslist.  Some of the Homeys even found my post asking for sub preservation help.

I figured I’d eventually find an economical means of preservation, so I put the sub (and later, the two other subs I/Erin won the next year) in my freezer to give myself time to figure out a solution.  Erin was never real thrilled with this situation.  They didn’t take up ALL of the freezer, but they certainly took up a good portion of it.  She also thought the subs were a little gross.  I tried to explain to her that the subs were not gross by saying “the subs are not gross”.  Inexplicably, she remained unmoved in her disapproval.

sub in freezerBefore we moved out, I finally accepted everyone’s advice.  With the guidance of some Twitter followers, I asked local photographer Aimee Wenske if she’d be interested in photographing 9 and 21 month old subs with Erin and I.  I told her I could only pay her in pizza and appreciation, yet she readily agreed, even taking a half day off of work.

two subsErin was really pissed at me that day for something, but she didn’t look like it in the photos.  I thought it’d be funny to have Erin and I holding parasols, and the subs sporting little cocktail umbrellas.  The little umbrellas made the subs look festive and spunky.

laughing over sub

We walked to Home Slice to take some shots at the scene of my/our victory.

Seth and Erin at Home Slice

On our way to Home Slice, we passed the Jo’s Coffee love graffiti, so we took a couple shots there too.

Seth and Erin at Jo's

At Home Slice, I found the dumpster and readied myself for the subs’ destiny, a noble burial at sea crow food.  A sad moment before I slid the subs into their fate, but made cooler by the fact that the man who made them happened to be walking between More Home Slice and the mothership.  So the subs, at their death, literally got to meet their maker.


After the shoot I took Aimee for pizza, and we briefly met up with her mutual friend Will, who educated me about the wind business.  I forget what we got, so I’ll just guess that it cost around $27, that seems to be about average.

I think the photos turned out great (Thanks again Aimee!!!!!!).  They don’t have the same gravitas as a 150 pound, three foot long bronze sub hanging in the living room to remind my grandchildren of grandpa’s glory (or on the headboard to remind Erin), but they will live on forever through the magic of the Internet.  Behold:

just the sub

hands on the sub

One sub

Cost: $27
Total this year: $1,228.50

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  1. 2010 September 2
    jesse permalink

    Those are fantastic pictures. Sorry to hear about your aunt. We’re really going to miss you both, but are looking forward to hopefully seeing you at our wedding. And hopefully you’ll make it back to Austin someday!

  2. 2010 September 2

    I’m SO sad to hear that you are leaving, but LOVE Aimee’s pictures and am so glad that you took the time for this shoot before going. Good luck with your new life and keep us posted! I’d love to keep in touch and hear about your new adventures. Hopefully, the magnetic force that is Austin will pull you back soon. Also, I’m very sorry to hear about the loss of your aunt.

  3. 2010 September 3
    Stef permalink

    Love the pictures! Probably a good idea not to try and bring the subs with you to CA. Sad to see you guys leaving Austin, we’ve enjoyed hanging out with you. I think you are both going to have a great time in CA.

  4. 2010 October 13

    Seth! Erin! We’re going to miss you so very much. Please come visit when you’re in town. Sad high-five.

    XO, Your Homies

  5. 2012 March 7

    Those subs look awesome but the picture of you two under the “I love you so much” graffiti are especially sweet : )

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