Interview Advice Over Pizza

2010 May 26
Buy me more pizza, I'll tell you how to get hired...

Buy me more pizza, I'll tell you how to get hired...

I’ve been trying to break into the alternative energy industry for about two years.  Bad timing, I know.

I met Will Ferguson who works in the biz and invited him to pizza a while ago, and he forwarded me an opening at a local start up.  I applied, and they wanted to interview me.  The night before I took Will out to pizza to pick his brain about what to expect and avoid.

The interview went pretty well (I thought), but I didn’t get the job.  I was REEEEEEEALLLLLY bummed for a while, it was really my dream job at a perfect little company.  It’s hard not to take such rejection personally, and frankly, my career/resume ain’t looking so hot these days.

But when I get bummed out, I remember that I’m the reigning back-to-back HOES champ, and things seem better.  I dab my tears on free pizza, and they go away.

Cost: $25.00 (I guess)
Total this year: $648

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