No More Accidentally Eating Erin’s Pizza

2010 March 7

Erin's blurry hand and our pizzaThe last time we went to Homeslice (last post), we brought home the leftovers and I accidentally ate one of the non-anchovy slices thinking it was mine.  So while Erin thought she had one slice left, she actually had none, as she refuses to touch the fishy ones.  This has happened before, and is not a real Erin-pleaser.  Whereas last year she couldn’t make too much of a stink about it since I earned us free pizza through my efforts alone and some was better than none, this year is a different story.

Erin was still smarting from me eating her leftover slice three days before when we walked into Homeslice.  This time she got broccoli on her half to make it more distinctive from the anchovy half.  Sure enough, as we worked through the leftovers, I only ate the anchovy-laden pieces and avoided her slices.  Also, no fried eggplant!  First time that’s happened with us in a while.  Erin was in the mood for a change of pace.  As we worked our way through the leftovers, I managed to avoid poaching her slices, thus improving our relationship.

Cost: $27.50
Total this year: $427.00

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