New pizza boxes and old friends

2010 March 7

Erin and broke an uncharacteristically long Homeslice drought (one whole week!) and dropped by to get back on the right track.

We sat down, and I asked various waitstaff about my ideas for my Live Off Groupon Contest video ideas.  As we were going back and forth, we saw Anneliese and Colin at another table.  We came over to say hi, and it looked like they were eating eggplant subs!  Sadly, the subs turned to be the meatball variety, but we still reminisced about their helping us win the HOES contest.  Anneliese wrote a slew of recommendation letters for me in recent months, so I sent over a slice of cheesecake their way to thank her.  It felt so fun and sneaky to flag a waitress and say “get that table a dessert and put it on my tab”.

Homeslice has new pizza boxes.  I guess it’s to celebrate the opening of More Homeslice next door.  It’s another detail that makes Homeslice shine.  They could’ve kept on with the plain white boxes, but the cute designs show more personality.  It’s all in the details, people!

After we ate our properly delicious pizza and returned home, I used the pizza box to make my Groupon contest entry.  I think my resume shows that I can handle the rigors of the contest just fine, but I admit that other videos are more fancy.  My profile of Groupon business Sushi-A-Go-Go is much better/funnier:

Cost: $30.50
Total this year: $372.00

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