Pizza Marathon Day 4, Pizza 1: Anneliese and Doc

2009 December 4
Anna and Doc are out of focus, the pizza is in focus.  Oy.

Anna and Doc are out of focus, the pizza is in focus. Oy.

Today I had lunch with Anneliese Vogel and Dr. Teresa Lenoir aka “Doc”, my boss and colleague from my days in Rep. Alma Allen‘s capitol office.  I brought the whole staff including Dr. Allen to Homeslice during the legislative session (I was a session-only employee) and while they loved it, they chided me for dawdling too long.  So for months I’ve been trying to arrange another pizza visit, and after innumerable bouts of rescheduling, it finally happened today.

I don’t think I’d seen Anneliese since my last day at work.  I had a little bar-hopping party with my friends that evening, and the night ended by me serenading her with Johnny Paycheck’s “Take This Job And Shove It”.  In good humor, of course.  For you bosses out there, you know your underlings like you when they say/sing stuff like that in front of you, instead of behind your back.

Doc and I worked side by side on environmental legislation, trying to keep the bad guys from putting yet another industrial polluter in District 131.  I helped her with her computer, and she told me how to live my life.  It worked.

Doc and Anneliese’s taste in pizza toppings differed, so we ordered a comparatively complex pizza.  Basil, onions, roasted red peppers and garlic on the whole pizza, green and black olives on Anneliese’s half and fried eggplant and anchovies on Doc’s half.  Both were quite nice.

Anneliese voiced her concern that my tendency to gesture while I speak might hurt me in tomorrow’s competition, so while we waited for the pizza I placed the oregano shaker on my hand.  Doc even inadvertantly fumbled with the plate / pizza holder, sending stuff tumbling in my direction, but the hand stayed strong.

We talked about the latest political gossip, Dr. Allen (best rep ever!), gender differences and pizza.  I almost got in trouble at one point when I mentioned that my 29th birthday had made me feel old.  Anneliese is definitely might be older than me, and didn’t take too kindly to that one.  Doc just laughed.  I really miss her laugh, she’s got this great cackle that is very recognizable and charming.

The only downside of the meal was missing the two seconds of snow Austin supposedly had while we ate.  When we came out, it was sunny and nice, without a snowflake in sight.  At least the pizza was hot and delicious.

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