Representative Allen Representing At Homeslice

2009 May 31


I finally took the office out for pizza.  It had been hard to pin down a time because Dr. Allen (the awesome state rep I work for) is only in town for three nights a week, and those are often taken up with social/work events.  We finally went as a staff and ordered two pizzas, a first for me.  It was fun, we all get along as a staff but rarely sit down together and hang out.  Dr. Allen had been starting to question whether I actually got free pizza or not, so I finally put it on the calendar and we made plans around it.

Dr. Allen told stories about her two little dogs, Oprah and Martin.  There’s a family of raccoons that peak their little heads out every once in a while from the little alley way just north of the building.  I wonder if Martin and Oprah could take them on.  Probably not, raccoons are vicious little assholes.

The waiter forgot that I had won the contest, so the bill came back pretty high (we had salad, wine, etc), but he patched it up once I reminded him.  But the bill was still more than $70.  It seemed so foreign having such a high bill.

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