Pizza Marathon Day 3, Pizza 1: Trevor Reichman and Johann Wagner

2009 December 3
Johann giving Trevor the evil eye

Johann giving Trevor the evil eye

Today I had lunch with Johann Wagner and Trevor Reichman.  I met Johann when I sold him Kat’s car, and it turns out that he’s good friends with Trevor, another folk musician who had responded to my Craigslist rideshare ad and driven me to Dallas.  I’ve seen them play a few times and we’ve kept up whenever they’re touring schedules eased up a bit and put them in Austin for any chunk of time.  Trevor is also close friends with Aviva Perlo, who first talked up her friend and recent pizza date The Soup Peddler to me.

Johann had a children’s show at 1, so he couldn’t make it until 2:30, and they both have a show in Fredricksburg  tonight, so timing was a little tight.  On the bright side, Homeslice was pretty empty at 2:30 on a weekday.

Johann is lactose intolerant and eats meat but not dairy, and Trevor is vegetarian and eats dairy but not meat.  So we ordered a whole mess of toppings, with cheese on only one half.  I’d never had cheese-less slices at Homeslice, it was interesting.  I tasted each of the toppings much more.  The kalamata olives, for example, were much more pungent without the cheese to mellow them out.

We talked about healthcare and the life of musicians, beards, and the artists who’ve been screwed by signing with or being kicked off big labels.  I think my budding and quasi unintentional beard will help protect me from the cold on Saturday.  Johann and Trevor both have beards, so they definitely agree.

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