2009 May 17

Kat and Pizza

Kat was my neighbor, she lived in the apartment across the stairwell from me.  She’s a massage therapist, so we bartered a pizza for a massage.  I held up my end of the deal (as you can see), but she moved before I could cash in on the massage.  At Homeslice she told me that she thinks massage thereapists tend to be jerks.  Seems like a profession that would draw caring, empathetic folks.  I mean, you get paid very little to help people feel better, and you suffer through the same “happy ending” jokes all the time.  I’d think they’d be really nice, but she knows more of them than I do.

On the walk back home one of the scruffy neighborhood street musicians saw us heading his way and abruptly changed his song.  I forget what he was playing before he saw us, but once he noticed Kat’s leftover pizza box his new song was “I love pizza!!!!!!!!  It is so delicious!!!!!!!  Even leftover pizza, it is so good!!!!!!”.  I felt I could relate to the song.  She was using the leftovers to thank some of her friends who came over to paint the massage studio, so the musicians subtle lyrics did not succeed for him.

Kat asked me to sell her car after she moved so she could have use of it all the way up until the end.  It was only insured through the end of the month, so I had about three weeks to clean it up.  It was dirty as hell.  The copious amounts of junk in the car ranged in coolness from moldy dog beds to $120 in spare change.  After peeling off the bumper stickers with the help of Erin’s hairdryer and spending hours cleaning out the crap from the trunk and backseat, I took it to get a car wash.  It hadn’t seen one in forever and I thought a quality one would be a good investment, so I spent $90 on a wash/detail.

I put it on Craigslist, and after the obligatory Nigerian scammy proposal, got a legit offer from folksinger Johann Wagner, who ended up buying it.  He’s really good friends with another folksinger named Trevor Reichman, who answered my rideshare post on Craigslist a few weeks ago and gave me a ride to Dallas.  And it turns out that he was the subject of Texas by Raina Rose, one of my favorite songs.  It’s a small, neat little world we live in.

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