Raina Rose Needed A Pizza And A Band Name. I Helped With One Of Those

2009 November 30
Raina and friends salivate over pizza

Raina and friends salivate over pizza

I had pizza with my friend Raina Rose and her band yesterday.  Their still looking for a suitably awesome band name, but for now they’re going with the Raina Rose Trio as a placeholder.

For those that don’t remember from a previous post, Raina’s song “Texas” helped sell Erin on moving to Texas.  Through a convoluted story that involved Craigslist, love, used cars and traveling troubadours, I met Raina after I heard her music, thus making her the first famous musician (and I use that term loosely, no one exactly asked for her autograph during the meal) that I can actually say I was a fan of before I became a friend.  And not just a facebook friend, like a real friend, the kind you take out for pizza.

The day before Thanksgiving I tried to cram in pizza with Raina, but the batch of blueberry chocolate stout I was brewing took too long, so I had to postpone until yesterday.  Raina and crew ordered beers and other drinks, and normally I would’ve happily downed a few myself, but I was in the midst of a minimal liquid intake in preparation for my HOES title defense nothing.  You might even call it a “dry run”.  Ba-dum ching!

It was fun hanging out with them.  Trevor (who my-other-musician-friend-named-Trevor thinks I should call “Trevot”) is vegan, so he scraped off the cheese and left as much of the toppings that were relatively cheese-less.  The other guy in the band, whose name I forget but said he had been nicknamed “The Neurotic Jew”, actually managed to get himself arrested at the High Sierra Music Festival, a favorite summertime activity from my California days.  I saw a lot of people do a lot of crazy stuff at High Sierra, so he must be pretty badass.  His amazingly full beard only confirmed his badassery.

The crew loved the pizza.  The fried eggplant, which I had to talk them into, was an especially big hit.

They’re playing tonight at Flipnotics, and they’re about to go on tour for a while, so come check ’em out this evening sometime around 9pm.  I’ll be there, come say hi.

PS – If someone comes up with a name and posts it in the comments that Raina’s band actually adopts, I’ll take that clever soul to pizza.

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  1. 2009 December 2

    Her bass player’s name is Dru (Andrew Pressman).

    I vote for Raina Rose & the Exes, not sure if Raina will go for it though. ; )

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