Nano Whitman Show Tonight, and Eating Contest Champ Wins Again

2009 August 20
Chris Floyd, Dominator

Chris Floyd, Dominator

Just a couple of Homeslice-related news items:

  • This is somewhat belated, but 3-peat Homeslice pizza-eating contest defending champ Chris Floyd won the cupcake eating contest at the Cupcake Smackdown 1.0 just before I left for Pecos.  Sometimes our paths enjoyably cross at Homeslice, but I hope to never face him in a competition.  His easygoing demeanor hides the intensity of a champion.  Congrats, Chris.  Keep on rocking in the free world.
  • Homeslice manager Nano Whitman is playing a gig with Kat Edmondson at Lambert’s tonight and at the Tiniest Bar in Texas tomorrow night.  Cover is $5 tomorrow, not sure about TBiT.  Mike D is coming in town in the afternoon, we might go to tomorrow’s show if he’s feeling up to it after the drive.  I hope he is, Nano’s great, check out “Break It On Your Own Time” on Nano’s site or Myspace.

BTW, in black and white, Chris looks like Nano, except with more food in his mouth.

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