Passover Pizza

2009 May 31

Mike D rumbled into town for the seder Erin and I hosted.  I don’t know how we crammed 17 people into our apartment, but we managed.  They say wine is a social lubricant, maybe it acts as a physical one as well.

Mike D, who is achingly single, has a habit of using the word “sexual” as a complimentary adjective.  Thus, we enjoyed a sexual pizza.  Fun fact, did you know there are 4,500,000 hits on Google for “sexual pizza” (sans quotes)?  I don’t recommend seeing for yourself.  The internet is an interesting place/thing.

This being my second pizza during Passover, I came prepared with matzah this time.  I scraped off the cheese/toppings/sauce and put it on the matzah, thus making a matzah pizza.  It was good, but not as filling as the usual pizza.  I was glad when Passover ended.

Mike D didn’t score big with the ladies during Pesach, but he scored all kinds of schwag from us.  Erin and I gave him the leftover pizza, a cherry tomato plant that’s literally dying to be planted, some potting soil and some wine to take back to Texarkana.

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