Laura Likes Free Pizza

2009 July 10
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Laura demonstrates the family technique

My cousin Laura recently came to Austin to eat free Homeslice Pizza visit me.  She was more amused than most by my peculiar story of winning free pizza for a year by keeping my hand on an eggplant sub the longest, and was eager to come to Austin before the year expired.  She was ready for free pizza the moment she got here.

Reb, her old camp counselor friend, lives in Austin and came along for the ride.  Sadly, Reb had just been diagnosed with either a hardcore gluten or daily allergy, and couldn’t eat the pizza.  She had a salad and swore it tasted great, but I can’t imagine going to Homeslice and not eating a pizza, or at least an eggplant sub or something.  Hey boyfriend says Homeslice is the only pizza worth eating in Austin, so it was particularly painful for her to pass on the pizza.  The salads are good, but they’re not hot, saucy and delicious.

Laura thought the pizza was crazy good.  She’s a devoted reader of this here blog, and wanted to try the hot cherry peppers since I had previously broken through that barrier.  I frankly thought the hot cherry peppers were a little much on this particular pizza, but Laura seemed fine.  She’s a big fan of basil, but we told her how hardcore Homeslice is about basil, so we only had it on half.  Also, she doesn’t like olives, so I had my first olive-free pizza at Homeslice.  Not an experience I plan to repeat.

After her brief stay in Austin, we went to Dallas together via my worst Craigslist rideshare experience ever, and brought the leftovers back for her parents, who’ve been keen to try said free pizza.  But they left before the got around to sampling, so Gran (our mutual grandmother) threw it out after a week.  Such an inglorious end to a pretty good pizza.

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