New Topping: Hot Cherry Peppers!

2009 June 16
Not bad, bad, bad but good, good, good

Not bad, bad, bad but good, good, good

I have learned that since I go to Homeslice all the time without paying much money, it behooves me not to be a difficult customer.  One of the easy ways to be difficult is to start getting cute with toppings, like picking ingredients in the salads that aren’t on the pizza topping list, things like pears, feta, etc.  While it might be fun to experiment with those on my pizzas, it would cause the busy kitchen crew to cross workflows, so I refrain.

So Sunday, when Shawna (my favorite waitress, she’s baaaaadass) offered to throw on hot cherry peppers, I was sorta taken aback.  They’re offered as a sandwich topping, not a pizza topping.  Was she testing me?  Or maybe offering me entry into a more hallowed world above “normal customer”?

We went for it, and it was great.  As Shawna suggested as she brought it out, it had all kinds of deliciousness swirling around: spicy, salty, pungent, cheesy, etc.

The other half of “we” was Trevor Reichman, a musician and friend of mine who I met when he answered a Criagslist rideshare ad I posted and drove me to Dallas.  This was not Trevor’s first pizza with me.  He had hooked Erin and I up with free Kerrville Folk Festival tickets the previous weekend, and he happened to be in Austin so I repaid the favor at Homeslice.  It’s always a treat to see him, he’s usually either in Terlingua building his home/studio or else on the road elsewhere.

He introduced me to Kerrville, which was a wonderful event that was a much-needed change of pace (although really hot).  So I thought it was fitting that he shared my first hot cherry pepper pizza, which was also a much-needed change of pace (although really hot).

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  1. 2009 June 22

    Thanks again, Seth. Let me know when you are able to make it out to Terlingua. There is a great local pizza place there that needs blogging. Business trip?

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