Brianna Neves Speaks Her Heart To Reach Your Heart

2010 September 1
Erin and Brianna

Erin and Brianna

Erin’s used to work with Brianna at Central Market.  When Erin and I left town to get married, Brianna watered our plants.  So we told her we’d take her out to pizza, and we finally delivered (so to speak).

Home Slice gave Erin a $25 gift card for expressing such grace and love by taking her hand off the sub to let me win.  They thought that Erin was super awesome, and just in case I didn’t properly thank her (I did), they were going to see to it that she walked away with something.  Home Slice said that they wanted her to use it to take her friends out, not me.  I reminded Erin of this and said that I shouldn’t be benefiting from the card, but since Brianna is her friend (mine too now, but primarily Erin’s, you know how it is…) she said it was ok.

So Erin decided to use it on a round of F*Heck Yeahs (prosecco and lemon ice).  They were goooooood.  It’s kinda uncool for guys to like mixed champagne drinks, as if appreciating tasty stuff is somehow un-masculine.  Screw that, these were good.

Brianna is really nice, and has a refreshing directness.  She thinks Erin and I are incredibly awesome, and tells us so.  She came to our last passover seder and really enjoyed it.  Most folks would simply say “thanks, it was great”, but not Brianna.  She called Erin and told her how amazing it was, and then made Erin pass the phone to me so she could tell me herself.  Our cynical zeitgeist makes such effusive praise from friends a little jarring to hear, but when accompanied by Brianna’s big-eyed honesty it comes off as pleasant and refreshing.  Her current Facebook status update is “…speaks her heart to reach your heart”.  Yup.

Brianna is a big believer that you make your own destiny, and she pays great attention to the vibe of a situation.  If something “feels right” it probably is, and she listens to her instincts more than most people I know.  Luckily, she had a good feeling about the pizza we ordered.

As you could’ve guessed, she loved it.  We chose garlic, fried eggplant, fresh basil, tomatoes, broccoli and fresh mozzarella as toppings, and Brianna swooned.  We had a couple bucks left on Erin’s gift card, so we split a rice krispie treat.  It was huge, so a few bites each worked well.  I thought Brianna was going to OD on happiness.  I wish I was capable of such highs over great-yet-common things like amazing meals with friends.  Perhaps the magic of free Home Slice has become mundane.  It’s nice to be around folks like Briana that remind me how awesome I have it.

Cost: $27.50
Total this year: $1,116

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