Graeme and Louisa – Globe Trotters and Pizza Lovers

2010 August 31
Graeme and Louisa

Graeme: I don't know...Louisa: I do!

Graeme Wood came back into town, this time with his girlfriend Louisa.  Graeme, for those of you who don’t remember, is literally the most interesting man in the world.  A contributing editor for The Atlantic, he travels the world writing about little curiosities, such as exiled Afghan cosmonauts, unrecognized countries and Hezbollah’s man in Paraguay.  He came to Austin to show his girlfriend Louisa around, who recently returned from her research in the Central African Republic.

She knew all about the pizza deal, and was eager to try out Home Slice.  At first I felt pretty confident that Home Slice would blow her socks off, since whatever pizza she may have had in CAR couldn’t have been very good (according to Graeme’s piece on the depressing state of CAR, their Chinese restaurant is imaginatively named “Chinese Restaurant”).  However, she mentioned that she’s from the Northeast, and I have found that folks from there can be a little provincial about their pizza.  So I was curious to hear what she thought.

They came down to Austin just to hang out.  They have a curious set of relationship logistics.  She finds herself spending huge chunks of time either writing here in America or researching in the Central African Republic.  He’s everywhere in the world.  Hong Kong for a couple of weeks, then Afghanistan, then maybe UAE (a lot of his work appears in Abu Dhabi’s The National), then who knows where.  They don’t see each other very often, but when they do, it’s for weeks at a time.  And since neither has a 9-5 job, they spend more time together than a normal couple who counts harried mornings and tired evenings.  Or so they maintain.

It’s an interesting arrangement, to say the least.  The anticipation and excitement of seeing the other after a long absence probably injects passion into the relationship, but it also means lots of lonely nights.  Their lives seem interesting enough that they enjoy their time apart without missing each other too badly.

They seemed to really like the pizza, appreciating the Home Slice experience for its gastronomic delights independent of the free pizza novelty.  Graeme, who prefers pizza to psilocybin mushrooms, was a predictably easy sell, but Louisa deemed Home Slice a winner as well.  They have tons of interesting food adventures, so it felt good that little ‘ole Home Slice pleased their experienced palates.

Cost: $29.50
Total this year: $1,062

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