Blurry Billy Bicket

2010 August 25

Blurry Billy Bicket

Blurry Billy Bicket

Billy Bicket is sorta blurry in real life, just like he is in this photo.  He’s hard to find and always on the go.  His job involves connecting communities and situating Net Squared at the nexus of social change new technology. He writes lots of sentences like that last one.

Billy travels a lot, and even though he technically lives in Austin, he’s something of a reluctant road warrior. When he’s in town for pizza, we try to make a date, although for someone with his job and skillset, he’s remarkable hard to pin down a date with. Amazingly, he rarely if ever checks his voice mail.

One day not too long ago though, we actually met up for pizza. He had just gotten back from Honduras and Guatemala (I think) with his girlfriend Krista. They have vastly different travel experiences and careers, so mutually agreeable travel can sometimes be elusive. This trip, however, sounded like it went really well.

Many of my friends (myself included) have embarked on long international trips through charismatic but poor-ish countries (India, Peru, South Africa, Guatemala, etc). The touristy sites tend to be too overcrowded to offer much of a memorable experience, so we find enchantment instead at the bottom of a bottle of bootleg rice/corn whisky passed around an 11 hour bus ride.

As my friends inevitably couple up over the years, we find ourselves traveling with significant others who are not as hardy/stupid as us. Going as a couple has lots of advantages, but it can stretch a relationship.

Luckily, Billy told me that things were going quite both during and after the trip. Likewise, things went quite well during and after our trip to Home Slice together. We’re in good shape 🙂

Cost: $26.50
Total this year: $1,032.50

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