Pizza: Even Better After Dieting

2010 August 18

Ryan and Jessie

Ryan and Jessie

Jessie and Ryan came out for pizza with us. They bought plenty of beer, so my memories of this particular pizza are a little fuzzy. On our half, we got both green peppers and roasted red peppers (along with garlic and fried eggplant). Both kinds of peppers was a little much for my mood this time.

They recently got a new puppy, Sydney, who they are CRAZY about. I think she’s a blue heeler. This means that she’s super excitable and loves feet. Sydney didn’t come to pizza, which is too bad, she woulda gone nuts over all the pizza, new people, and stimulation in general.

Ryan and Jessie are very health conscious; they eat healthy, ungreasy food, exercise a lot, etc. But they make allowances for free Home Slice. Lots of pizza, lots of beer (for Ryan). Now, everyone (except for this guy) likes Home Slice, but they reeeeeally love it. I’m not sure if it’s because Home Slice makes a delicious pizza that stands on its own merit, or whether it’s the only pizza/carbs/unhealthy food they ever eat. They’re excitement makes them awesome pizza guests. There have been a few pizza dry spells (as much as three weeks!!!!) during my reign, and the pizza always tastes better after such a drought. However, I don’t also bar myself from other kinds of deliciousness whenever I happen to be out of town or confused about the whereabouts of Home Slice Pizza from pizza. I’m might be silly sometimes, but I’m not crazy.

Cost: $19
Total this year: $956.50

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