Home Slice Pizza: A Cure For The Hiccups

2010 July 13
beats the hiccups

beats the hiccups

I spend most of Saturday floating the Guadalupe with some friends from Dallas.  In an effort to have as stereotypical experience as possible, I drank a lot of beer, did not drink a lot of water, and burned my torso to a crisp.  All this exhausted me, and after a brief pit stop at home, Erin and I went to Home Slice.

Somewhere along the way, I developed a nasty case of the hiccups.  We walked in and were greeted by Kelly.  She asked how we were doing, and I told her about my affliction.  After debating the merits of various supposed cures for the hiccups, she brought me a coffee filter and instructed me to drink my water through the filter.

I did, and hot damn, it worked.  No more hiccups!!!  I’d tried various other techniques, such as being scared (sorry Seth, you have to pay for pizza for now on) and drinking water from the other end of the cup (never figured that one out), but the filter thing totally worked.  How is that for spectacular service: Kelly brought us pizza, refilled our drinks, and cured my affliction!  I love Home Slice.

We ordered a loaded pizza: black olives, spinach, garlic, roasted red peppers, fried eggplant, extra cheese to hold it all together, and the obligatory half anchovies.  A list of the desserts offered hung dangerously close to our table, and Erin said we had to get a rice krispie treat.  So we did.

Both the staff and Erin and I appreciated the disco/funk music playlist for the evening.  We sat by the kitchen, and Mark the waiter would dutifully tell other waitstaff to “get down on it” in tune with the song.  He also told me to “get my back up off the wall”.

Hard to beat this pizza experience.  Good pizza, dessert, dance-in-your-seat-music, free healthcare.  We left a big tip.

Cost: $30.50
Total this year: $879.50

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