You May Now Eat The Pizza!

2010 July 12
Wedding rings, meet pizza.

Wedding rings, meet pizza.

We’re married!  See, with rings not made out of olives this time.  This was our first pizza after our wedding. Although we didn’t get married in Austin, Home Slice was in our hearts.  We had mini eggplant subs as an appetizer, pizzas after the dancing, and my groomsmen wore custom pearl snaps featuring the Home Slice bathroom pizzas (made by ZZZ Threadz, they have a booth at a craft market down the street on weekends).  I thought the design was clever since each viewer could interpret it how they wanted.  Some just saw pizza, some saw “you complete me”, and some saw a subtle sexual reference.  Erin didn’t think the design was very subtle, but she doesn’t have as much of an eye for subtlety as I do.  Here’s some photos of the big day.

Our first night back at Home Slice was a pleasant evening, so we decided to eat outside.  Unfortunately, the mosquitoes thought the night was equally pleasant, making mine less so.  Home Slice has bug spray that they usually give out on request, but tonight the bottles were preemptively lined up on the outside bar.

Nonetheless, it was still a lovely night.  We went with a simple margherita-plus-olives-plus-half-anchovies, and enjoyed a nice summery, salty meal together.

Cost: $26.50
Total this year: $824.50

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  1. 2010 July 13

    I LOVE the wedding pix Seth. Y’all look super awesome (you dapper, Erin, stunning!) and it looked like a really fun party. Thanks for sharing this w/all of us!
    When are you coming back out on another Thursday Night Social Ride?!?

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