Anchovy Tentacles

2010 July 12
T-Funk on the move!

T-Funk on the move!

Tiffany, who left Austin for grad school in Eugene OR, recently came back for a visit with her bf Mark.  A visit to Home Slice was in order, and we met up to ensure that Mark’s first day in Texas was a delicious one.

It was.  He seemed a little curious about anchovies, a topping that Tiffany and Erin were decidedly un-curious about.  So instead of ordering them on half, I ordered them on the side.  This is what I got.  A tentacled monster of briny goodness.  Actually it wasn’t that good, the raw anchovies tasted too strong and slimy.  Mark wasn’t much of a fan either.  But it looked cool, and it looked like what most people think anchovies taste like.

Mark did like the fried eggplant though.  That’s everyone’s sleeper fave.  We have to talk most folks into it, but most folks really dig the smoky smoothness.

Since we couldn’t decide, we ordered half margherita (with sauce) and half roasted red peppers, spinach, garlic and fried eggplant.  I forget which side everyone liked best, but they were both pretty good.  The sauced margherita tastes much more basic than the dry version, I wonder if that’s because the sauce hides other flavors or if they do different stuff to it.  The mysteries of life, huh?

I loved recounting Tiffany’s harrowing adventure of getting to our wedding.  Allegiant Air delayed her flight by like 6 hours, causing her to arrive after the rental car counter was closed.  She ended up arriving 9 hours after she planned, but hey, she got a $25 voucher for her next Allegiant Air flight!  Luckily she’s the type to think this sorta thing is hilarious, other guests might not have.

They were in town to visit old friends and so Tiffany could rejoin her old rugby team for a tournament.  Her rugby friends are crazy and awesome.  One of their enduring quirks is to refer to me as “free pizza Steve”.  I forget how this came about, but that’s how I’m known to them.  They kick ass, literally.

Tiffany is currently in Ethiopia (then South Africa) traveling and working with some NGOs for her graduate studies, and is blogging about her trip here.  Follow along and ask her if the pizza there can top Home Slice’s handiwork.

Cost: $24.50
Total this year: $849

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