Eric, Pre-Bachelor Party

2010 May 26
Eric and his winning smile

Eric and his winning smile

Eric Rynerson came to Austin for my bachelor party and arrived a day early.  Verily, we went to Home Slice.  This weekend had incredible amounts of alcohol consumed, so again I don’t remember too much about this particular pizza or encounter.

Thanks to Google Analytics, I can see how people find my blog and what search terms they use in Google.  Every once in a while, someone searches for “Eric Rynerson”, and finds a previous YofP blog post about Eric, and heads over to the blog.  I hope that when his grandkids’ grandkids look for info about their ancestors, these blog posts will be the entirety of what they learn about their family.  That’d be hilarious.

Eric is a food aficianado.  He loves good food, and is extremely eager to try every example of deliciousness he can find.  Luckily Home Slice fits the bill, otherwise I’m not sure he’d come down to visit so much.

Cost: $25.00 (I guess)
Total this year: $773

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