Omar and Umarah

2010 April 2
For a guy who doesn't drink, Omar looks sorta drunk in this photo

Umarah and Omar and pizza

My best friend from the Michael Skelly 2008 congressional campaign, Omar Zakaria, came into town with his awesome wife (and my new facebook friend) Umarah this weekend.  Naturally, we hit up Home Slice.

Like me, Omar was looking for a new challenge when he heard about Skelly.  We both signed up for a low-pay, long-hours, high-stress gig that almost accomplished something no one thought possible: get a Democrat elected in Houston’s richest district.

We bonded over shared dietary restrictions, cultural self-deprecation, crazy donors and a shared love for the Dallas Mavericks.  Even though Omar’s from Houston, he knows greatness when he sees it ;).

One day, a Muslim restaurateur brought over a couple dozen halal personal pizzas.  Omar’s Muslim, I’m Jewish, and we were both hungry, so we tore up those pizzas.  I remember having at least three a day a few days in a row.  That period was not a pinnacle of health (No sleep and constant fundraising make Seth something something!), but it introduced me to a lifestyle where free pizza brightens an otherwise long day.

I met Umarah at the decidedly un-victorious Victory Party, and probably didn’t make too strong an impression through my drunken, teary lamentations.  So it was much nicer to enjoy a pizza with Omar and Umarah in more pleasant circumstances.

Like me, Omar hitched himself to a California girl, which means he gets to hear all about how Texas sucks all the time (except for Austin).  Omar and Umarah seemed to be having a nice time in Austin, although with the weather we had this weekend, I don’t know how anyone couldn’t enjoy themselves.

They liked Austin, and they loved Home Slice.  The topping deliberations were much easier since none of us eat pork.  They decided on garlic, kalamata olives, fresh mozzarella, fried eggplant, half spinach and half roasted red peppers.  It was a pretty good combo, I’m not sure which side was better.  I think the red pepper half has a slight edge.

Umarah is finishing up her MBA, and Omar’s looking to get one.  We talked about career stuff, long distance relationships, and the inevitable Dallas vs. Houston debate.  Just before I left Houston, Omar took me to get some tikka, which was pretty damn good.  So I took him to Home Slice, we’re even.  Omar, get into UT so you can move here.  My free pizza beats your un-free tikka any day.

Cost: $22.50
Total this year: $598

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