Jesse and Stefanie – Sauce: No, Dessert: Yes

2010 March 12
Jesse and Stefanie

Jesse and Stefanie

After an egregiously long time since our last get together, Erin and I had pizza with Jesse and Stefanie.  They have this peculiar habit of ordering a separate pizza for themselves, insisting that we get two for the four of us.  Jesse is a purest, and likes cheese pizza.  Just cheese.  While I respect his taste, it still confounds me.

Since SXSW loomed a few days away and Jesse has some inside knowledge of the internet and music worlds, I asked Stefanie and Jesse what their plan was for the week, hoping to glean a few tips.  Their response: “batten down the hatches”.  They’re not too big on crowds and madness.

Erin felt adventurous and wanted to get a margherita pizza.  I liked her trailblazing spirit, but worried that the lack of sauce might make successful reheating difficult.  Stefanie suggested that we take a slice and just reheat it in a pan on the stove.  No oil, no oven.  That sounded reasonable enough and I felt like I could use a change of pace, so I agreed, provided that we gussy it up somehow.  So we ordered anchovies for my half and green olives for Erin’s half.

The pizzas came, and ours tasted delicious.  The margherita always tastes saltier to me than the sauced pizzas.  I wonder if the sauce masks the salty taste or they sprinkle garlic salt or something on top.  Either way, I love salty, so I loved the pizza.

As we waited for the check and for our leftovers to be boxed up, our waitress sheepishly returned to our table saying that she’d accidentally dropped our pizzas on the floor.  I was about to remind her of the always-useful five second rule, but she implied that the pizzas were no more.  All of use said it was no biggie, Jesse and Stefanie weren’t supposed to be eating pizza anyway.  But before we could dismiss the apologies, the waitress offered us a free dessert.  I stopped talking and looked around the table with a cocked eyebrow.  No one said much, so I said “Sure!”.  I hadn’t tried their tiramisu, and if they were offering, why not?

Erin semi-jokingly thought I was being a jerk for taking advantage of Homeslice.  I didn’t pay for the pizza in the first place, so how could I expect else?  It was one of those moments where I couldn’t think of a quick comeback because I knew she was right.  I didn’t really care that the leftovers wouldn’t be forthcoming, so why should I further take even more money from ‘Slicey’s pocket?

When the tiramisu came (along with an unordered piece of cheesecake), I apologized and said that I shouldn’t have ordered the dessert.  The waitress would hear none of it.  She said that we’d earned our free pizza by standing with our hand on the sub forever, and should be treated like any other customer.  Have I mentioned lately that Homeslice rules?  Homeslice rules.

Cost: $23.50
Total this year: $496.50

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