Pizza makes more sense than billable hours

2010 February 28
Pizza is better than moving

Pizza is better than moving

It had been too long since Erin and I had taken Jessie and Ryan to pizza, and as luck would have it, Adam was in town as well.  We all met up for pizza one night.

Splitting pizza five ways at Homeslice is hard.  Pizzas come with eight slices, which does not easily divide amongst eight hungry folks.  Choosing toppings is also hard.  Some of us wanted olives and others didn’t and we gently asked if we could get olives on 2/3 of the pizza (along with half pepperoni) and our waitress understandably said no.  We worked it out eventually, it just took some negotiating.  Erin offered to get an Eggplant Sub to make the numbers work better, which turned out to be a win-win situation.

Adam and Jessie are both lawyers, and they talked about the concept of “billable hours”.  It’s weird, being paid by the year doesn’t faze me, but telling me that I have to work 2000 hours seems pretty frightening to me.  Law is a weird little world.

Ryan helped Adam move his stuff from a storage unit in Houston to one in Austin.  Storage units also baffle me.  I totally get their utility, but I hope I never have to rent one.  Paying rent for my stuff seems like a sad way to live upon this planet.  If I have too much stuff for my home, shouldn’t I get rid of it?  In Adam’s case, he’s only temporarily keeping his stuff there until it makes more sense for him to move it to where he lives, but how many storage units start out as temporarily and end up being de facto permanent?  Then again, maybe it’s cheaper than getting a bigger place with more storage.

When Erin and I had a basement, we never went down there and our stuff just weighed on us.  We always felt like we should go through it, fix what needed repairing and give away what we didn’t need, but we never cared enough to actually follow through.  Now Erin and I live in a small apartment with a tiny amount of storage space.  It was hard to pare down our stuff, but it feels nice not having lots of crap that we never use.

On a similar note, I am very reluctant to throw out old pizza.  I can get a fresh pizza any time I want, but I can’t bring myself to throw out leftover pizza unless it’s over two weeks old.  So I eat old pizza instead of visiting ‘Slicey.  Well, I shouldn’t say “instead of”.  But I go less often than I could, if that’s any consolation to the Homeslice owners.

Cost: $27.50
Total this year: $315

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