Homeslice cures Latham and Katie’s hangover

2010 February 25
While Katie smiles sweetly, the pizza monster attacks

While Katie smiles sweetly, the pizza monster attacks

My friends and former Austin residents Latham and Katie came to town for a friend’s CD release party, and after nursing a horrendous hangover, came by to hangout.  After a few hours of chatting, we realized that we were hungry and hit up Homeslice just before closing time.

They’re both huge fans of beer.  Latham started homebrewing way before I began my beer-making adventures.  While they’re usually excited to try whatever I’ve concocted (most recently a blueberry chocolate stout), they were more interested in some tea after getting drunk until 4am.

As we dissected the events leading up to their most recent hangover, we talked about my first hangover, which I delightfully shared with Latham while we spent a semester in Singapore.  Lesson learned: all-you-can-drink wine followed by “ladies night” only leads to trouble.  Latham and I do a terrible job of keeping up with each other, but whenever we see each other we really enjoy it.  He’s very insightful, and sometimes I forget how cool, smart, interesting people often end up in stereotypically uninteresting places like Galveston.

One of my greatest trips was a weekend jaunt to Memphis to visit Latham when he lived there.  I hadn’t heard many people rave about Memphis, but I had just signed on to my first real job (the kind that pays you by the year rather than the hour) and wanted to do something crazy.  So I dressed up as Elvis and hitchhiked to Memphis from Dallas dressed as Elvis.  I made the cover of the Texarkana Gazette and had an amazing weekend in Memphis.  We ate at an incredible Chinese food and sub sandwiches place that featured a Ye Olde England decor, drank good beer and saw weird things.  It was awesome.

One of my perverse joys in life is hearing people tell their struggles with bureaucracy.  When we lived in Singapore, Latham would have me in stitches telling me about his latest run-ins with the university, dorm and medical administrations.  Sadly (or happily depending on if you’re a nicer person than I am) he didn’t have any recent tales of woe.

We went to Homeslice when our bellies told us to, and were told that the wait would be 25-30 minutes.  Since Homeslice is a five minute walk away, we debated whether to wait there or go back for a drink before returning.  Acting on a tip from the hostesses, we hung out and were seated in 15-20 minutes.

There were some really dressy people there that night, and as I walked to the back I mentioned to Kelly (a waitress) that a table over there might be here for prom, seeing as they were decked out in formal wear.  She gave me an “Are you kidding me?” look and said “Seth, it’s Valentine’s Day”.  Ooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeahhhhhhhh.  I remembered!

Erin and I aren’t too big on Valentine’s Day because her birthday is very close to it and we always do special stuff for that instead.  I had totally forgotten, but as I looked around, there were lots of obvious dates.

Katie liked Homeslice back when they lived in Austin, but she and Latham went nuts over the pizza.  They loved it, and truth be told it was a very good one.  I haven’t been going so much lately as Erin and I are working and trying to cook a little more.  This makes Homeslice taste surprisingly novel to me, and ever-so-delicious.

Cost: $27.50
Total this year: $264

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