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2010 February 18
Erin, Mike and Judy

Erin, Mike and Judy

This past weekend Aunt Judy and Uncle Mike came by for some pizza.  I hadn’t seen much of them since I moved back from Houston after working on the Michael Skelly congressional campaign in November 2008.  They had a friend in Georgetown and a meeting in Austin, so they made a weekend of it.

Since Erin and I had to work on Friday and Saturday, they stayed with their friends in Georgetown and met up with us afterward.  So we walked into Homeslice, hung out on the patio while we waited for a table and they immediately saw the kids of the folks they were visiting in Georgetown.  Small world.

Erin hadn’t seen Judy and Mike for years and years, so it was fun to see them get reacquainted.

Mike is from Chicago, and knows a thing or two about pizza.  He was a happy adherent to my “more is more” philosophy of pizza toppings, although he did slough off all his broccoli onto Judy’s plate.  Both he and Judy loved them some ‘Slice, and a merry time was had by all.

Cost: $30.50
Total this year: $236.50

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