Pizza For Haiti Challenge

2010 January 18

Give To Haiti, Get Pizza

Pizza For Haiti Challenge.  Whoever gives the most in a week to Partners in Health through this page gets a free pizza with me.

The earthquake in Haiti has been devastating.  Tens of thousands are dead.  Hundreds of thousands are homeless, and as the public sector has been destroyed, things don’t look good.  This in a country that has been screwed by fate and foreign powers for centuries.

Are you ok with this?  I’m not.

So here’s the deal: I’m having a Pizza For Haiti Challenge.  The person who donates the most to Partners in Health through my personal fund raising site starting now and ending next Monday at noon will win a free pizza at Homeslice with me.  You pick the toppings, the “beer on you” part of my “pizza on me, beer on you” mantra is waived, and I blog about how awesome you are and link prodigiously to your blog or company’s website.

Partners in Health is the organization co-founded by Paul Farmer, one of the most incredible people on Earth.  If you haven’t already, please read Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder to learn the story of Farmer and PiH.

If you’ve been thinking of giving anyway, now’s your chance.  Give today or any time before noon next Monday.

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  1. 2010 January 20

    Happy to contribute to this wonderful organization. Thank you for telling us about it the other night.

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