Cannoli: Proof Ricotta Doesn’t Always Suck

2010 January 18
Erin and Deliciousness

Erin and Deliciousness

Although I went to Homeslice three times last week, Wednesday was Erin’s first pizza since we got back in town.  Erin is enrolled in a graduate program in Ayurveda, an Indian system of traditional medicine, and one of her more fun homework assignments was to see how different foods affect her digestion system.  Wednesday was one of her dairy nights, where she had to eat a whole lot of “mucus forming” foods like dairy stuff to see what would happen.

So we ordered fresh mozzarella on the pizza to increase the cheesiness factor, along with fresh tomatoes, fried eggplant, spinach and garlic (and anchovies on my half).  We asked Sara if the consistency would hold up with so many watery toppings, and she said that she’d have the cooks keep it in the oven longer.

It came out hot and delicious.  The crust was a little too crispy for my taste, but I hadn’t had pizza since Sunday, and my four day pizza drought was pretty rough.

We usually don’t get dessert, but we weren’t ready to brave the rain right after our pizza and Erin wanted to eat more dairy products, so we ordered cannoli.  I had maintained to Erin that cannoli doesn’t contain ricotta because ricotta tastes bad and cannoli tastes good.  The logic seemed bulletproof, but Erin thought I was full of crap and Sara confirmed.

So the cannoli came, and it was really good.  Maybe ricotta doesn’t suck so completely.  I liked the chopped pistachios all over everything, and the creamy filling was delicious despite its ricotta-ness.

Cost: $28.50
Total this year: $157.00

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  1. 2010 January 19

    No, ricotta DOES NOT suck. It’s super yummy, but let’s be honest..most smooth, creamy things are good but when you add sugar (like a cannoli) to the mix it’s even better!

  2. 2010 January 19

    How about this: “ricotta doesn’t always suck”?

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