Happy Birthday Elvis!

2010 January 8

Elvis, as PizzaWhile there’s still 20 minutes left, I want to wish The King a very happy birthday.  I once hitchhiked from Dallas to Memphis dressed as Elvis, and have long had an affinity for His Majesty.

Tonight, Erin and I went to Chuy’s to hear the Elvis impersonator and to try the Elvis menu.  I wore the Elvis sunglasses with chops attached that are my normal sunglasses.  I’ve had and lost many a pair, so the last time my mom was in the Vegas airport she picked me up a few pair, one of which I loaned to Erin for the evening.  Well it turns out that people dressed as Elvis eat free on His birthday and our glasses get-up counted, so we got free queso, enchiladas and tres leches cake.  Sometimes even when I don’t go to Homeslice I end up with free food.  That’s what The King’s love can do for you.  Happy Birthday Elvis!

PS – If you ever want to go to the best place on Earth, I mean it, go to Graceland Too.  Don’t just follow the link.  Google it.  Better yet, don’t.  Just go.  It’s in Holly Springs, Mississippi, about 45 minutes south of Memphis.  It’s best if you just go and experience it without knowing too much.  Greatest place in the history of the world.

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  1. 2010 January 9
    Pink sun drops permalink

    Aw you truly deserved that free meal – you’re a true Elvis devotee. I’d just be an impersonator, besides watching his movies when I was young. What made the menu an Elvis menu?

  2. 2010 January 9

    Their normal menu has dishes they deem Elvisesque, and those were $1 or $2 off, plus “Elvis’ favorite margaritas”, etc. No fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches or anything, but they did have birthday cake!

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