Erin: Tastes Like Victory

2009 December 18
Tastes like victory

Snoopy is as happy as Erin

Erin and I needed a nice little break after winning the 2009 Hands on an Eggplant Sub contest before coming back to Homeslice.  Standing near where the pizza oven heat/smell escaped out of the slices window bathed us in pizza aura, and we needed to wait a full week before venturing back.

Once we did, it felt like we never left.  Erin said Homeslice felt like home.  I wish I could just order what I wanted at home and someone would magically make it and then clean up after me.

Erin felt like ordering a simple pizza, so we went easy on the toppings and only chose roasted red peppers, garlic, fried eggplant, anchovies on my half and fried mozzarella on her half.  It was more cheesy than what I’m used to, but maybe there was the same amount of cheese and a heightened cheese-to-toppings ratio.

One of the waiters who was friends with one of the other HOES competitors came by to wish us well and say no hard feelings.  None taken.  While I think the owners are happy that I won because this blog gives them good Google juice, some of the waitstaff probably wanted others to win.  I don’t take it personally.

Erin asked if the pizza tasted like victory, and while I can’t say that it tasted quite so grandiose, it tasted like something I plan on eating quite a lot of this upcoming year.


I’m looking to make some changes to the blog, so if there’s any new or improved feature or idea that you’d like to see, lemme know in the comments.  It’ll be a fun, pizzatacular year, this year two of the pizza.

Cost: $24.25.
Total this year: $24.25

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