Pizza Marathon, Day 4, Pizza 2: The Final Chapter

2009 December 5

I took Erin to Homeslice for the last pizza before the HOES competition tomorrow.  It was an odd way to go.  We chose a salty pizza with both black and green olives, and no watery toppings to throw us off our game tomorrow.  Lots of the experienced waitstaff had already gone home, and with the music being a surprisingly lame collection of Brittany Spears and 90’s hip hop, it didn’t feel quite like home.

We savored each bite, knowing that it could be our last free pizza at Homeslice.  I won’t go on and on with this post, because we have a big day tomorrow.  I’m gonna try as hard as I can to win again.  Come by tomorrow and say hi, I’ll be the guy standing with my hand on the sub.

Tonight’s pizza, like this entire year of the pizza, was completely and utterly amazing.  I’m not done yet.  I will go the distance!

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