Fun Things To Do This Saturday

2009 December 3

Since I keep hearing about the tons and tons of people who will be competing against Erin and I for a little something sometime soon, I feel compelled to let Austin know about all of the neat events happening this Saturday:

  1. Urban Farm Bicycle Tour – I did this last year and really liked it.  Get some exercise, pet some goats, support local food/tea and meet some new friends.  There’s lots of starting points, and stops at Boggy Creek Farm, Zhi Tea, Rain Lily Farm, Hands of the Earth Farm (where Urban Roots rocks it) and more.
  2. Edible Austin Tea Festival – Drink delicate teas, sample tea-paired foods, learn about tea, tea tea tea!
  3. Fresh! screening – Ok, so you’ve drank from the Pollan/Kingsolver fount, what are the alternatives to industrial agriculture?  How can we build a sustainable food supply system that is fair to workers, consumers and the planet?  Find out at this screening I wish I could attend.  Joel Salatin, the Polyface Farms guy that Michal Pollan always talks about, will be there to answer questions. Proceeds benefit Urban Roots.
  4. Free and semi-secret Peanut Butter Wolf show, sponsored by some non-Tito’s vodka company – You know how every party is cooler if it’s exclusive and secret? Smirnoff does and so they’re bringing Peanut Butter Wolf, an amazing DJ whom my dancey-dance friends rave about.
  5. Manfest – Am I not Mantastic enough for you?  See barbarians fight, gnaw at turkey legs and get drunk.
  6. Holiday By The Tracks: Elgin, TX – Wanna get your picture taking with Santa, see a Christmas lights parade or otherwise not be in Austin to compete against me?  Visit historic downtown Elgin!
  7. Holiday Pet Photos with your pit bull.  Not even kidding.

With all these cool events, there’s no reason to come to Homeslice to compete against me in the HOES competition.  Seriously.

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