An All-Too-Rare Huge Tip

2009 December 1
Tastes too good to lose

Tastes too good to lose

Yesterday afternoon I fully began the Marathon of Pizza.  Two pizzas a day, from here on out.  Erin joined me for lunch.

We were less adventurous with our toppings, and ordered the old standbys of basil, fresh mozzarella, black olives, fried eggplant, roasted red peppers and half anchovies.  For some strange reason, we forgot garlic.  Maybe we’re losing it.  Or maybe there was something in the air.  It was a clumsy day at Homeslice.  While we forgot to order garlic, Homeslice forgot to put the half anchovies on the pizza.  Mark, who always approves of my fishy love, seemed pretty embarassed at not being able to come through.  I don’t know if he didn’t put it in the order, the kitchen messed up, or what.  Either way, I didn’t care, the pizza still tasted delicious.  He asked if I wanted a side of anchovies, but I waved him off.

Not more than five minutes after a humbled Mark walked away, Shauna spilled a whole bunch of drinks as she was cleaning a table.  Thankfully no one got doused, and no one felt the juvenile urge to applaud.

Our pizza and lemonade bill sans pizza came out to a buck and change.  I always tip on the value of the original bill, and as I looked at my change, I only had an unacceptable two bucks or a ten.  I left the ten in the glass to get some change so I could tip in the 20% range, but Erin suggested I just leave the whole ten.  Why not?  We always get great service, the waitstaff are the friendliest around, and they have to deal with me blogging about their mistakes (which Erin says I shouldn’t).  Maybe I can figure out a way to block the owners for reading this pizza blog so they won’t get mad that someone spilled a drink on the floor or someone else is gratuitously robbing Homeslice by taking too much advantage of free pizza (sorry ’bout that.  sorta).  So I left the whole $10 bill, which felt really good.  I only wish I had the $$$ to tip so generously all the time, I don’t tip 600+% enough.

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  1. 2009 December 1

    Great to see you at Home Slice last night and meet your friend Billy. I think I saw the pizza eating champion there as well!

  2. 2009 December 2
    allison permalink

    i love erin, she always knows what’s up

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