Homeslice Pizza + UT Football = No Wait!

2009 November 24
Cue the tumbleweeds...

Cue the tumbleweeds...

Erin and I had not shared us some ‘Slice in a while and the fridge was looking pretty bare, so we rolled into Homeslice around 6:30 on Friday night.  No wait!  And check out this photo, you’d think it was taken at 3:45pom on a Monday instead of 7:15pm on a Friday night.  New ironclad rule for avoiding a line at Homeslice: go during a UT home game.  Granted, this little section filled up within about ten minutes, but still!  During a normal weekend, a table is only open long enough for someone to prep it for the next group, who’s often been waiting for at least 30 minutes.  On a semi-related note, I shudder to think of the drunken pack of jerks who rolls in at 11:30 after the game and demands the world.

We took advantage of the time to chat with Shauna.  I vacillate between wanting to kibbitz with the waitstaff and feeling guilty that they’re chilling with me and neglecting other tables/tips.  But I felt less guilty with a 1/4 empty restaurant, so we talked about bad tippers and table-waiting stories (I used to be a waiter at the Black Eyed Pea in Dallas).

We mixed things up a bit on this pizza.  We felt the need for pungency, so we ordered both black and green olives to complement the garlic.  For a change of pace we passed on our usual standby fried eggplant, which often adds a smooth, delicate finish, and added fresh tomatoes instead of roasted red peppers to throw in some color.  I sound like I’m describing wine, but it’s only pizza.  I shouldn’t say “only”, pizza is way better than wine.

We left with pizza in our bellies and pizza for our fridge.  All three of us were happier as a result.

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