Drew Eats Free Pizza Above Ground

2009 November 23
Drew wasn't used to eating free food not provided by lobbyists.

Drew wasn't used to eating free food not provided by lobbyists.

A few days ago I had pizza with a friend from my time at the capitol, Drew Dupuy.  When we worked in the hallowed e2.700 hall of the capitol basement, we both looked pretty similar: pale skin, bloosdhot eyes, wrinkled suits and tired faces.  Now he looks like Johnny Depp or a Hollywood/NYC transplant in Marfa.

He’s back in school now, something I’m pondering, so we discussed a return to academics after years of “the real world” (the one where pizza is free), primary politics, demographic changes and UT football.  It was a beautiful day outside.  Drew and I ate plenty of free food at the capitol, but never outside of a basement.  Homeslice patio > capitol basement level 2.

After the meal, he was eating his smarties while telling a story, and I offered him mine, since I eat plenty of smarties at Homeslice.  He waved me off, saying he didn’t even want the ones he was eating, much less any others.  He then continued to eat the rest of his smarties.  🙂

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