Jodi Bart, Of Tasty Touring Fame, Tours Tasty Homeslice

2009 November 13
@tastytouring touring the pizza

@tastytouring touring the tasty pizza

After many months of trying, I finally had a pizza with Jodi Bart, otherwise known as Tasty Touring on KGSR, her blog and teh twitterverse.  Jodi originally wanted to schedule a lunch with the Homeslice owners and have me surprise them by sitting down and buying them pizza, since they have *ahem* been rather kind to me in the free pizza category.  But that never panned out, so we had lunch together instead.

She’s one of the local food blogger big shots, and is a huge fan of Homeslice.  We got there early, and were both amazed at the opening line.  Like the last time I came on a weekday morning, the line was intense.

We were seated out back so we could enjoy the beautiful day.  A beautiful pizza helped our enjoyment considerably.  Jodi is super busy, and she seemed to relish being outside for an hour. She was much more journalist-y than previous pizza guests.  She asked lots of questions about my background, how I pay my rent (answer: monthly), what my life is like now, etc.  It was hard to answer them all in my longwinded manner during our brief encounter, but I think I managed to give a good pizza-themed Rundown Of All Things Seth.

At the end of the meal, she asked to see the polaroid of me on the wall in the “employees only” lounge room.  We checked it out, it was small and tucked away in a corner of a photo collage of investors, friends, enemies, etc.  Jodi almost got hit by the door by a waitress flying in, who dutifully pointed out that Jodi was standing in an inopportune spot.  So we left a little shamefully, but with leftovers in our hands and pizza in our bellies.

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  1. 2009 November 26

    I’m glad that we finally were able to arrange lunch. Thanks so much! Apologies if you felt like you were being interviewed — I was just interested in hearing your story! It was great to meet Erin the other night as well at Snack Bar. I’ll be rooting for you to win again next week at HOES.

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