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2009 October 28
So Mr. Artichoke Heart...think you could get away?

So Mr. Artichoke Heart...think you could get away?

Two days ago I had lunch with Matt Glazer at Homeslice.  He’s one of my favorite pizza dates because he’s the only employed person I know who has no reservations about splitting a pitcher of beer in the middle of the day.  Matt is involved in tons of projects, including Burnt Orange Report, GNI Strategies, John Lipscombe’s judicial campaign and many more.  In many ways, I see him as a possible version of myself if I chose to pursue the political web worker career.  He’s craaaazy busy, the kinda guy who will check his email or twitter feed on his phone if you go to the bathroom.

It was raining cats and dogs during our lunch, but that made the hot pizza taste even better.  Matt put himself at my mercy in terms of toppings, and he seemed pleased at the combo, especially the artichoke hearts.

At the end of the meal, he wouldn’t accept the leftovers.  This was a first.  My guests (and I use that term loosely, as they usually pay for the beer and tip) always take the leftovers, and why shouldn’t they?  Pizza costs money for them.  Matt, however, had been to Homeslice multiple times in the last few days, and already had a fridge full of pizza.  I felt a little weird carrying out a box of leftovers, and hoped the waitstaff didn’t see me and think that I was crazy cheap.  He also drove me home!  Even though I live a block away, it was raining gangbusters, and when he offered, I accepted.  What a guy.

As we ordered, Shauna came up to chit chat.  I put in my request for a rules clarification about the next HOES contest, so we’ll see what comes back.  I also told her that if I happen to lose (heaven forbid), I’d be happy to help them with social media for the low price of free pizza.  Hopefully I won’t have to pursue those negotiations any further.

Matt and I don’t really hang out much but we should.  We splash around in similar circles (lefty politics, social media, nonprofits, beer, etc)  and we seem to challenge each other’s thinking as we try to figure out the life/meaning/time/money/work balance.  Neither of us have it nailed down yet, but when one of us do, we’ll let you know.  It will definitely involve free pizza.

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  1. 2009 November 2
    Matt Glazer permalink

    I always appreciate the company. You’re right, we need to hang out more often and maybe risk hanging out in a place sans pizza.

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