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2009 October 27
Doug and Becca tearing up Homeslice

Doug and Becca tearing up Homeslice

This past weekend, my good friends Doug and Becca came in town for a Jessie and Ryan’s wedding.  I’m really, really close to them, both individually and as a couple.  I actually officiated at their wedding, thanks to their invitation and the powers vested in me by the Universal Life Church (dot com!  That got a lot of laughs at the ceremony, even though it’s actually dot net).  They brought fudge as a thank you for letting them crash on the couch, which was delicious.  Doug also brought me some Japanese shredded taro fish snacks, which was less delicious.

The first day they were here, we made a plan to go to Homeslice that night.  During the day, we walked over to Peter Pan’s magical BYOB mini golf course at Lamar and Barton Springs.  One side of their marquee said “Happy Birthday Connor!”, while the other more dourly said “We Tow”.  Ha!

We had a blast.  You’d be amazed what good friends, mini golf, sunshine and Lone Star tallboys can do for one’s spirits.

On the way there, Becca expressed her excitement at going to Homeslice.  She’s an Italian food fanatic, and a devoted reader of this here blog.  She spent the summer in Cambodia doing a human rights law internship, and single-handedly made Cambodia the country with the fifth highest readership of my blog (above Saudi Arabia, after Brazil).  I told her that I feel like going to Homeslice as become an extension of my life, it’s such a part of me.  It’s a way for those close to me to share…I searched for words as my face twisted up in thought, and Becca, ever the wordsmith, said “the body of Seth”.  Well put.  She said “I already know what’s going to be on the blog”, and she’s right.

When we walked in, Nano was at the host booth, and I introduced him to Doug because I knew they both came from Philly.  It turns out they knew each other growing up and ran in the same circles.  This brings the number of my friends who know Nano independently of me to three, all of whom live in different time zones.  Crazy!

The storied Homeslice did not disappoint.  Granted, we’d already put away copious amounts of alcohol, which never hurts one’s enjoyment of Homeslice.  We sat down, and I managed to get one of those Arnold Palmers I talked about in the last post for us to share.  It was really good, but probably better enjoyed on a hot day.

We got a salad, a pitcher of Fireman’s #4 and a bigass pizza.  Becca wanted half the pizza to be “caprese”.  I told her that we could get slices in the middle of the night later that weekend, and the Margherita is essentially the same thing.   She agreed, and loved the pizza we ordered (garlic, fresh basil, roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella, fried eggplant and green olives).  You know when Becca’s enjoying Italian food, she’s doesn’t care to hide such intense emotions.

Later in the weekend, we decided to go back to Homeslice for slices at 2am.  When we ordered, the guy at the window said “Hey man, I’ll hook you up this time, but the owner said your deal doesn’t cover slices.  Sorry about that…”

I was stunned.  No more slices!  They’ve been a lifesaver on late nights, random afternoons, and many many other times.  I’ll have to clarify the next time I’m in there, but I’m sure he’s not making it up.  Maybe I am having a detrimental effect on the bottom line.

It was a sad moment.  Might be the end of free slices at Homeslice.  The news really hurt Erin, so much so that her enjoyment of the night promptly ended and she felt sick to her stomach for the remainder of that night and well into the next day.  Sad news indeed, and the only blemish on an otherwise awesome weekend.

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