Chopped Anchovies and Ayurvedic Pizza

2009 October 26
Who says Ayurveda and pizza are incompatible?

Who says Ayurveda and pizza are incompatible?

While waiting for our table a few days ago, I played ping pong against a master.  But because he was used to a regulation table that is bigger and gives the ball more bounce, he couldn’t adapt.  It was fun.  The plywood table is warping and losing its bounce quickly, increasing my home-court advantage.

In food news, Mark finally made it happen.  After lots of cajoling me to order chopped anchovies instead of normal anchovies (to greater distribute the deliciousness),  I swallowed my guilt and had the cooks chop away.  It was awesome.  The anchovies were chopped and spread more evenly around my half of the pizza, smoothing out the peaks and troughs of anchovy-eating.  Plus, they became really small and hard to see, so their intensity frequently surprised me.  Mark was totally right.

Towards the end of our meal, I saw one of the waitresses carrying a tray of odd looking drinks.  As Erin and I walked out, the hostess was drinking one, and said the next time we came in, we should try to sit in Amy’s section, because she makes badass Arnold Palmers.  Instead of normal ice, she uses lemon ice (the dessert).  I told her that as a hostess, she has more input on where I sit than I do.  She laughed and said she’s seat me in Amy’s section next time I come to Homeslice.  Yet more deliciousness!

Lastly, friends often ask how Erin’s Ayurvedic medicine research gels with her copious pizza consumption.  Well, as the photo shows, Ayurveda and pizza go quite well together.  Erin hasn’t been complaining about delicious free pizza one block away from our apartment too loudly.

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