Leslie Cochran Still In Hospital – Updates

2009 October 9

This might be old news for some of y’all, but my first Paying Pizza Forward guest and local icon Leslie Cochran has been in the hospital for almost a week.  It sounds pretty bad.  Have a slice for Leslie, and keep him in your thoughts and prayers.  As y’all may remember, his parting words to me when I bought him pizza were “don’t grow old”.  I didn’t think he meant it seriously.

UPDATE – Not good at all.  “An official with knowledge of the incident said Leslie’s injuries are life threatening condition and if he survives, he may experience “life-altering effects,” including remaining in a vegetative state.”

UPDATE 10/20 – Doing better, in rehab hospital.  “‘I don’t know if he will be the same person as he was before. It takes six months to a year before we will know some of that,’ Gonzales said. ‘There is no crystal ball for it. He is going in the right direction.'”

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