Pizza Barter?

2009 October 6

I need to use photoshop on someone’s computer for about an hour sometime in the next couple of days.  I’ll let you use my photoshop-less laptop for that hour. I’d be happy to take you out to Homeslice afterwards. Either email me or lemme know in the comments.

And while I’m at it, I’m interested in trading free pizza for all kinds of stuff, including (but not limited to) homebrew beer, nunchucks, lessons in something, tubs of ice cream, briefcases full of money that are handcuffed to your wrist, etc.

Lemme know.

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  1. 2009 October 13

    Hey Seth, I can help with your Photoshop needs and I have a few bottles of Homebrew beer to barter.

  2. 2009 October 14

    I also have Photoshop and would love to barter a scarf ( (as always)! Keep us up to date on Leslie!

  3. 2010 January 8

    I have two adorable little baby boys I would love to barter for pizza! That sounds fair, right? Ok…you can give them back after I eat my pizza! Love your blog!

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