Ping Pong & Outdoor Bar at Homeslice!

2009 October 1
Erin demonstrating Ping Pong technique in one hand, turntable rocking in the other

Erin demonstrating Ping Pong technique in one hand, turntable rocking in the other

The Homeslice elves must constantly rack their heads trying to come up with ways for me to love Homeslice even more.  I can just see the Homeslice Elf High Council (HEHC) brainstorming: “we’ve given Seth free pizza that happens to be the best in town, thrown in free toppings, helped him get re-engaged, and conveniently located ourselves on the same block where he lives, but what else can we do to keep him coming back?  I got it!  A ping pong table and an outdoor bar!”

Well, their elven minds read mine.  I never realized that Homeslice was lacking an oddly-sized ping pong table and an outdoor bar, but now that they’re there (as of yesterday) I realize how complete Homeslice has become.

I went to Homeslice tonight after being out of town for three weeks, and after being greeted with “Hey!  Pizza man!”, Erin and I went to the patio to have a beer and wait on our table.  While Erin tried out the outdoor bar, I checked out the ping pong table.  It seemed a little narrow, and when I asked the dad of the kids who were occupying the table if it was a 3/4-width table, he said “I think it’s a painted-piece-of-plywood-sized ping pong table.”  Sure, enough, he was right.

His name was called, so his family relinquished the table to Erin and I.  Even though we each had a beer, we managed to obey both clauses of the “Yo! Keep drinks and derrièrs (sic) off the table” fiat.

The music system outside seemed to have had a few too many of the outside bar’s drinks, as it was skipping a bit, but whatever.  Nano and The Waitress Formerly Known As Pregstand were working the kinks out of the bar to make sure it ran smoothly, which it did.  Apparently, beer + ping pong + nice warm evening = good.  Who knew?  I was almost sad to hear that our table was ready.  Almost.

The pizza was good, as usual.  Our waitress casually mentioned that she didn’t know if the prize for this year’s hands on an eggplant (HOES!) contest would again be free pizza for a year.  My heart stopped cold and my skin went clammy.  I asked if she had any inside info or if she was just speculating.  She said the latter, and I breathed a sigh of relief.  When she brought the check (large pizza with seven toppings, two pints of fireman’s #4, a lemonade and tax: $10.19), I told her that if any Homeslice or elven high counselors (I didn’t say that part) happen to ask her what she thinks I would prefer as a prize for this year’s contest, tell them that I’m pretty happy with the current prize.  She laughed, but I was sorta serious.

Austin City Limits starts tomorrow, and now that our fridge is stocked with leftover pizza for breakfast, we’re ready to rock our faces off.  Hopefully the garlic and anchovies will convince others to give me some space.

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