Vegetable Pizza Tastes Like Spam Pizza

2009 September 26

Below is the entirety of an email I received today, offering to sell me the domain  Why me?  Well, my website was found in the Google results!  I clicked through to their site, Delicious Names, and was pleasantly surprised to find the “valuable domain name” offered for only $10,000.  Mine is hard to find among the hundreds of “premium domain names”, but if you search for “pizza” you’ll find listed right below, also offered at $10k.  In order to take advantage of this fabulous deal, I’m calling on you, my dear readers, to send me $1,000 so I can participate in this important opportunity.  C’mon, I just want to do a friendly deal with you and this is a genuine offer.

The email (all typos, colors and formatting copied as is):


I am Isabella from the Yolex Group which is a domain investment firm based in the UK. When we look for the keyword “Vegetable Pizza”, your website was found in the Google results and therefore you are contacted.

We are now selling the domain name which we have purchased for establishing a business. But the business plan was abandoned and therefore the premium domain is available for purchase.

The domain for sale is

Following are some of the benefits of buying this premium domain.

A good domain name like this is a good investment.

There are about 20,000 searches per month for the keywords “Vegetable Pizza” in Google.

There are people who just type in in their search bar and they are called “type in visitors”. You could redirect THAT TYPE in visitors to your business website without needing to pay Google or yahoo for the clicks.

We are in the internet business, and we have an opportunity that only one of you will get.  We have

This premium name will only be available like this once and only one of you will become the owner of this valuable domain name.

If you have any interest at all in this premium domain name, we do encourage you to contact us.  We just want to do a friendly deal with you and this is a genuine offer, and you can visit our website to see some of the other domains we own.

Yours sincerely,


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