Surviving Homeslice’s Pizza Pilgrimage Day 1: Morale High

2009 September 7
That's not a box of wine on my head, it's a captain's hat

That's not a box of wine on my head, it's a captain's hat

Captain’s log – Day 1: Morale high.

With three hefty pieces of leftover Homeslice pizza, I bravely set forth into the great unknown of free-pizza-less days.  The owners of Homeslice Pizza, my source for free pizza, decided to close up shop and take their staff on an all expenses paid pilgrimage to New York for pizza and grog.  I will be carefully following along to see what I can glean of their expedition and its spoils.  While I applaud Homeslice’s captains for their clever efforts at boosting their staff’s espirit de corps, this has put me in quite a pickle.  Without free pizza, how will I survive?  Find food elsewhere?  Exchange precious dubloons for said food?  Find something or someone else to put my hand on to earn more free morsels?  Decisions await in the days ahead.

But such worries can wait.  My trusty parrot is happily by my side, and I have three pieces of leftover pizza from yesterday.  Other folks here in Ye Olde Austin talk with great lust for some new flavor of tack called the “ta-koh” (sp?).  If I start to wither away, I might have to steer the trustworthy S.S. Free Pizza towards a course for a supply station where I can pillage me some of these so-called ta-kohs.

My parrot and I can live through this period of depravity.  Yes we can, matey.

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