James McMurtry Leaves Town, Homeslice Pizza Follows

2009 September 7
Jessie and Stefanie humbly suggesting I use their camera

Jessie and Stefanie humbly suggesting I use their camera

Last night Erin and I went to Homeslice with our friends Jessie and Stefanie.  They just got engaged, so we decidedly to celebrate our engagements with some Homeslice Pizza followed by some homebrews at our apartment.

Beforehand, Erin and I saw the Austin premiere of Handmade Nation, a documentary about the DIY punk craft movement.  We got to the Alamo late, and by late, I mean ten minutes early.  While I usually think of ten minutes early as early, it was only good enough to get us seats in the row behind the front row.  The movie was shot in a very jerky, we’re-too-indie-for stablizers sorta way, and since we were seemingly right on top of the screen, Erin felt kinda queasy.  While we both have pretty strong stomachs, mine usually goes out before hers, so I was surprised that she felt nauseous instead of me.  One time I felt like lukewarm death on an Indonesian ferry for hours that felt like days, and she was chillin’.  Not this time though!  So she wasn’t in a crazy party mood.

We were glad to get some last free pizza in before Homeslice shutters for a few days for their annual pizza pilgrimage to NYC.  Shauna and friends seemed pretty excited to go live it up for a few days.  They deserve it.  I’m still amazed that the owners are taking all employees who’ve been there more than a year to NYC, all expenses (airfare, hotel and pizza).  Who does that?

Anyhoo, we were happily enjoying our pizza, when James McMurtry strolled in the front door.  I live in Lone Star throwing distance of the Continental Club, and have been meaning to check out one of his weekly shows ever since Slate brazenly claimed that his ballad “Choctaw Bingo” should be the new national anthem.  My friend Drew finally dragged me out this past week to his last gig in Austin for a while, and McMurtry rocked the fucking house.  I was glad to catch his set, and the universe proved to me that it was the right decision to go to the show by having him bless me with his presence at Homeslice last night.  A nice send off for the rough, pizza-less road ahead.

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