New Waitress, Same Problem of Forgetting Camera Stuff

2009 September 4
Diane, Beer and Pizza

Diane, Beer and Pizza

Two days ago I went to Homeslice with Diane, a friend of my mom’s.  She works for MPower Labs, which incubates companies that help the world’s underserved by focusing on a double bottom line.  I felt like we had a lot in common, despite our different ages and places in life.

Although I didn’t forget my camera, I did leave my memory card in the card reader at home, thus rendering my camera useless.  She let me use her blackberry to take the photo of this pizza.  I really need to get better about this.  Diane said that maybe my recent inability to remember my camera / memory card may be a sign.  She believes that when things cross her path (or don’t), there’s a reason.  Maybe she’s right, this might be the universe’s way of telling me that taking pictures at Homeslice is annoying the staff, other customers, etc.  I already know it annoys Erin, who’s always been camera shy.

We had a new waitress, or at least a waitress who was new to me.  My first clue that she was a noobie was when she asked if I had any questions about the menu.  By this point in my pizza year, I’ve more or less figured it out.  Then when we started ordering lots of toppings, she said that Homeslice recommends that we abide by the “less is more” theory.  I tried really hard to not be an arrogant “who do you think you’re talking to” kinda customer.  I’ve been a waiter before, and I loathe those folks.  So I tried to (politely, I hope) tell her that I thought we’d be alright.  When she brought the bill, the pizza wasn’t deducted, so I delicately told her that I actually got free pizza here due to the hands on an eggplant sub (HOES) contest.  She was real nice about in, and came back with the corrected bill a couple minutes later.  I think I handled it well.  I have to introduce myself in this way at the slices window at 2:45am not unoccasionally on weekend nights, and I’m not sure if my manners shine through the haze of intoxication as well as I would like.

I wonder what the new waitstaff thinks when I tell them that I don’t have to pay for pizza because I left my hand on an eggplant sub the longest…

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