Homeslice Pizza Closing To Take Employees On NYC Pizza Pilgramage

2009 August 18


Why is Homeslice Pizza the greatest place in the history of great places?  Their pizza is bomb They close Homeslice for four days to take their employees to New York to eat pizza!  FOR FREE!  It must cost the owners at least $20k, not to mention the cost of being closed for four days (although I won’t be subtracting from the bottom line during those days, so that’s a plus).

25+ employees are given free airfare, accommodation and pizza to experience the glories of the pizza pantheon.  How amazing is that?  Free pizza trip to NYC is a mind-blowing benefit.  Who needs dental?

I know a little something about awesome employers giving incredible travel benefits to valued employees.  I blogged from India, China, Ecuador and Peru for Interplast, and I think it builds incredible loyalty.

Ever notice how the Homeslice employees are super happy to be there, despite being at work?  Free pizzacations to NYC (along with quaalude-laced wine in the break room) will do the trick.  Kudos to Homeslice for being super awesome.  *Hug*

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  1. 2009 August 18

    Hug. Seth, we’ll miss you too.

  2. 2009 August 25

    Oh wow. Now if only I can get someone to send me somewhere cool. Like, Aruba…or Jersey. I’m low maintenance! I’d take Jersey!

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