Stories By The Slice – Austin Pizza Competitions

2009 July 30
  • Record the winning tune for Gatti’s pizza chain to win a free year of Gatti’s pizza, $10k cash and a website for your band.  While you might appear to be selling your artistic integrity for franchise-chain pizza, you will win lots of said pizza, thus making you a no-longer-starving artist.  Apparently the chain is based here in Austin, and most of the jingles so far are from Austin musicians.  If for nothing else, site worth going to for the flash image on the homepage of a pizza on a turntable.  Their emoticon looks suspiciously like mine, but I’ll let it slide.
  • Pizza eating contest at Emo’s postponed to August 9.  It was supposed to be last Saturday, with a $400 prize and a $10 admission that went to charity.  Follow @emosaustin for details as they emerge.
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  1. 2009 July 31

    This site is amazing. I want a year of free Homeslice — best place to receive free pizza from.

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