Matt Glazer: Proof Political Hacks Like Pizza

2009 July 28
Don't mind if I do!

Don't mind if I do!

When I first moved to Austin last year after being out of the country for a while, I wandered into the Democratic county coordinated campaign with a resume and got a gig blogging for Turn Texas Blue (I was “The Early Bird“) under Matt Glazer, a local blogger, political consultant, and self-styled hack.  We’ve kept up, and met up for pizza not too long ago.

Most folks aren’t aware of my “pizza on me, beer on you” mantra.  I do a soft sell so the folks with a sense of humor and reciprocity will pick it up, but people who I don’t know too well won’t feel obligated to buy a $13 pitcher of beer for the privilege of free pizza.  Matt, however, was an eager adherent to the mantra, and wasted no time in ordering a pitcher of Fireman’s #4 for our weekday lunchdate.  That was fine by me.

We tried to beat the lunch rush but failed.  The work crowd made me feel a little more rushed than usual, but Matt’s a busy guy so it seemed to suit him fine.  We talked politics and teh interwebs and ate pizza on a crazy hot day.  He was impressed by my facial hair and pizza winnings, I was impressed by his career success.  Seemed like an equally mutual admiration to me.

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  1. 2009 July 29

    Hey, Seth.

    Just popped over after meeting you tonight at AustinBleepers. We have to meet up again cuz I was really fired up to have some good philosophical toe-to-toe with ya! Pizza is on you bud, but we’re ordering wine instead of beer. I know, it’s on me :).


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