Anchovies = Seth

2009 July 25
Yannis and the pizza we couldn't quite finish

Yannis and the pizza we couldn't quite finish

I’ve always wanted to have a Cheers-like place where I walk in the door and the waiter says “Hi Seth, you want the regular?”  I like variety too much to order the same thing that often, but tonight I think I got as close as I’ll ever get.

Erin was working and I wanted (free) pizza, so I tried an experiment to find a pizza date.  On Facebook and Twitter I said “anyone down for pizza tonight?  lemme know.”  Yannis Banks, who didn’t know about my free pizza deal beforehand, said he was down, and away we went.

Yannis was and still is with the NAACP, one of the groups that fought against Voter ID this past legislative session.  One of my duties with Rep. Allen was staffing her on the Elections Committee, so Yannis and I worked together frequently.  Over dinner we reminisced about the crazier moments, Reps and staffs at the Capitol.

When the pizza came, the waiter who brought it out (the guy who always pins the Homeslice logo on his shirt, one of my faves) said “I saw this pizza with anchovies come out, and said to myself ‘huh, guess he’s here, I didn’t even see him come in.  And sure enough, it’s for you.'”

So apparently anchovies = Seth.  Sweet!  My new calling card at Homeslice.

We couldn’t eat all the pizza, which isn’t too uncommon, but what was noteworthy was the fact that I ate three pieces, one more than usual.  Since I only had one piece leftover, I got my first leftover swan, a Homeslice creation who now graces my fridge with her winged presence.

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